Moses and the Burning Bush

To Remember:
  • God is holy, and where He is, is holy.
  • If God commands it, He'll make it possible
  • Holy: set apart, pure, related to God
  • Lesson Exodus 3:1 - 4:17

    Discussion points:
    • When we approach God, we must recognize His greatness, His holiness, His authority.
    • When God gives us an assignment, He will provide the resources and strength we need. It's not just up to us. In fact, it is God who does the work, through us. Moses didn't free Israel, God did.
    Sing: I want to be a worker for the Lord

    Cut leaf shapes out of green colored paper. Then cut flame shapes out of red and orange paper. Have the students apply them to a mural or coloring page to make the burning bush. OR Make the leaves and flame pieces very small and collage them over a coloring page you already have. Then have students color Moses.

    : Have students act out Moses approaching the bush. Have students take off their shoes.

    Moses bingo and concentration game printable
    True or False
    1. Moses decided that Mount Sinai was a holy place.   F (God decided and announced it to Moses)
    2. God told Moses to approach him "just as he was". F (God said Moses must show his respect for God's holiness by taking off his shoes).
    3. God knew about Moses' weaknesses and provided help for him. T
    4. Moses was afraid to go to Egypt. T
    5. God let Moses "off the hook" because of his weakness. F

    Memory Work:  (have students make up hand motions to go with the verse)

    Exodus 3:19,20 I know, however, that the king of Egypt will not let you go unless compelled by a mighty hand. So I will stretch out my hand and strike Egypt with all my wonders that I will perform in it; after that he will let you go.

    Review Questions for Moses gameboard
     linguistic questions

    • What does holy mean? set apart for God, pure
    • Name Moses' family.  Amram, Jochebed, Aaron, Miriam
    • Unscramble the word: semos
      activity questions
    • Act out Moses giving excuses to God.
    • Draw a burning bush.
    • Find Mt. Sinai on a map.
      emotion questions
    • What feelings prompted Moses to examine the burning bush? wonder, curiosity
    • What feelings prompted Moses to give excuses? fear
    • What did Moses do that angered God? asked not to be sent
    application questions
    • How does God's holiness affect our relationship to Him? we must be cleansed and holy before we can approach Him.
    • Who accomplishes God's work in us? God does
    • How do we accomplish tasks that are too hard for us to do? trust in God to provide the means
    fact questions
    • What was Moses doing when he saw the bush? tending flocks
    • When did Moses leave for Egypt? immediately
    • Who came to meet Moses? Aaron, his brother
    review questions
    • How did God know that Moses was capable of accomplishing the freedom of Israel? (God created Moses and knew all about him. It was God who was going to free Israel, not Moses)
    • Why did Moses' lack of confidence anger God? because it showed a lack of faith in God, not in Moses
    • Why did God provide so many helps for Moses? God will always help his people do His work.