Cain & Abel

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Main Points to Remember
  1. We can’t blame others for our sin
  2. We can’t hide from God
Vocabulary Words
Murder: to purposely kill another person
to give something up
Prayer: Father, we know You are always watching over us.

In Old Testament times, God commanded people to worship Him with burnt offerings. These offerings were burned on altars. They were called sacrifices...
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When things don’t turn out the way we expected, we often look for someone or something to blame. Usually, we also need to look inward. Were we expecting too much? Did we respond the way we were expected to respond? If we are not honest about what we do, it will lead to anger, and anger opens the door to hurtful sin.


1) Cain and Abel made the same sacrifice. F
2) Abel provoked Cain to anger. F
3) Cain tried to avoid God's questioning. T
4) God forced Cain to leave home. T
5) Adam and Eve had a third son. T


Decorate sheep with cotton balls to represent Abel's sacrifice. Attach a long ribbon to make it a bookmark.

He’s got the whole world in his hands

Memory Books of OT. Round Robin: toss stuffed animal and review books of the Old Testament. “By faith Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain…” Hebrews 11:4

Review Questions (can be used with gameboard)

wpe1.jpg (2412 bytes) linguistic questions
1) Name Adam and Eve's three sons. (Cain, Abel, Seth)
2) What is murder? when one person kills another on purpose
3) What is a sacrifice? to give up something of value to God

wpe2.jpg (2212 bytes)  activity questions
1) Act out Cain answering God.
2) Draw an altar.
3) Draw a family tree of Cain's family.

wpe3.jpg (1496 bytes)  emotion questions
1) How did Cain feel when God rejected his sacrifice? angry, jealous
2) Why do you think God warned Cain about his anger? God did not want Cain to sin - C
3) How do you think Adam and Eain was blaming the wrong personve felt after Cain killed Abel? very sad

wpe4.jpg (1906 bytes)application questions
1) Who should Cain have blamed for offering a displeasing sacrifice? himself
2) Does hurting others make us feel better? no
3) Will God punish us for hurting others? yes

 fact questions
1) What did Cain offer to God? first fruits of his fields
2) What did Abel offer God? first born of his flocks
3) What punishment did God give Cain? exile, and a mark on his forehead

wpe7.jpg (1853 bytes)review questions
1) Why did Cain kill Abel? he was jealous that God liked Abel's sacrifice and not his
2) What did God say cried out to him? Abel's blood
3) Did Cain admit his deed? no - but God already knew