The First Family

Genesis 4       Review Activities for this Lesson

Adam and Eve set up a home in the world outside after they left the garden. Since they were the first husband and wife, they made up the first family. Families are important to God. We can learn how God feels about families by reading about Adam and Eve¬’s family and from other things God tells us in the Bible.

We have already talked about the special feelings a man should have for his wife. Since man was created first, he is the head of the wife. But he is to love her as he loves his own body.

When children are born into the family, the father cares for them, too. He works hard so they will have food to eat, clothes to wear and a place to live. A father who truly loves his children will teach them about God. He will also take them to worship. Children will learn many things, but nothing is as important as learning God¬’s will for them.

A good father knows this and will be patient and kind. He will find time often to talk with his children about the Lord - - when they get up in the morning, as they work and play during the day and when they are at home together in the evening. Together they will give thanks for their food and God¬’s loving care. And at bedtime they will pray for His protection during the night.

The mother is an important member of the family, too. God says she should obey her husband and help him make the family what God wants it to be. She will love her husband and children and remember to speak kindly to them.

The mother will enjoy planning for food and clothes and other family needs. She will appreciate her husband¬’s hard work and will be satisfied with the things he is able to provide for his family. The husband will be able to do his best as he earns a living for his family because he knows his wife is taking care of things at home. Hearing people say good things about her husband will please the wife; she knows she helped.

God also speaks to children about their part in the family. God says, ¬“Children, obey your parents in the Lord for this is right.¬” He also says ¬“Honor your father and mother.¬” This means that children are to do what their parents say as their parents try to help them learn and follow God¬’s will.

They should never say ugly things to their parents. They won¬’t say bad things about them to others either. They will try not to do anything that would make their mother and father ashamed.

God¬’s reward for honoring our parents is a long life upon this earth. Sometimes children may not understand why parents tell them to do something. They should still obey them, unless they go against the Bible. Parents who are Christians will always try to tell their children the right things to do.

Children need to share the work at home. As they grow older, perhaps they can get a job to help out with money for clothes and school. They should also give some of their money back to God, just as their parents should.

Most families do not have a lot of money. Children should be satisfied with whatever their parents get for them. Whining and complaining because other children have more keeps the home from being a happy place.

When there is unhappiness in the family, it is because somebody is not doing God¬’s will. Parents may argue so much that they stop loving each other. Sometimes one of them may decide to leave the family. There may even be a divorce. This is always a bad situation. Children are very sad when either the father or mother decides to leave the family.

Learning God¬’s plan for families is important for young people. It will help them have a happy home of their own when they grow up. God wants our homes to be one of our greatest blessings in this life.


1. Sometimes people are nicer away from home than they are at home. Is it important to be nice to the people in our family? Why?
2. How does sharing work at home help everyone? Will you be a good mother or father if you don¬’t know how to work at home?
3. Many people do not have happy homes. Can you share yours?


¬“Better is a little with the fear of the Lord, than great treasure with trouble.¬” Proverbs 15:16 
Is having lots of money always good?

Text by Betty Belue Haynes, originally published in Bible Talk Times. Used here with the kind permission of the author. Users are free to reproduce for use, but not for publication.