Waiting for the Holy Spirit

To Remember: We must be patient 


  • lots - a means of making a decision that depended upon God's influence, like tossing a coin

  • Two angels told the disciples that Jesus would return the way he left, in the clouds.
  • The disciples followed Jesus' command and waited for the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem
  • They spent the time in prayer
    • Discussion Point: Waiting can be hard - especially if we don't know why we're waiting, or when something will happen. Sometimes Jesus makes promises that we have to wait for. We have to learn how to wait patiently for God. His plans are always best. It's good for us to keep focused on His will through prayer and study.
  • The disciples arranged for Judas' replacement. They found two men who had been with Jesus from his baptism through his ascension. Then they asked God to show which man He had chosen by throwing lots.
    • Object Lesson: Have several straws, enough for each student, with one being shorter than the rest. Have the students choose straws, without seeing the short one. Explain that throwing lots was similar to drawing straws. In this case, God controlled the draw and Matthias was chosen.
SING: Apostles song, replacing Judas with Matthias.

Life of Jesus Bingo True or False
  1. Jesus will never come back. F
  2. All power was given to Jesus. T
  3. Jesus told the disciples to wait. T
  4. The disciples waited but the Holy Spirit never came. F
  5. The disciples voted on Matthias. F
Review Questions (can be used with gameboard)

 linguistic questions
  1. Name the apostles.
  2. Who was the other potential apostle?
  3. "All __________ has been given unto me"  (authority)
  activity questions
  1. Show on a map where the apostles waited for the Holy Spirit. (Jerusalem)
  2. Toss a dice or a coin and describe how casting lots worked.
  3. Lead the class in a short prayer.
  emotion questions
  1. What do you think the Apostles felt as they watched Jesus ascend into heaven?
  2. What do you think the Apostles wondered about as they waited for the Holy Spirit?
  3. How do you think Matthias felt to be chosen?
application questions
  1. Will God's promises all be fulfilled immediately?
  2. How should we stay focused as we wait for Jesus to return?
  3. Who should we turn to when we are making decisions in life?
fact questions
  1. How many angels spoke to the Apostles at Jesus' ascension? (2)
  2. Where is Jesus now? (at the right hand of God)
  3. How will he return? (in the clouds, like he left)
review questions
  1. What qualified Matthias to be an apostle? (witness of Jesus from baptism through ascension)
  2. How long did the Apostles have to wait for the Holy Spirit?
  3. How did God show the Apostles which man would replace Judas?