To Remember: Resist temptation with the Word of God.


  • temptation: enticement to do wrong - James 1:14


Discuss: What is temptation? What temptations do you face? Which are the most difficult?

  • Temptation is not a sin - giving into it is. James 1:12

    • Enduring Temptation

      • makes us stronger

      • has its reward

  • Temptation doesn't come from God - it comes from Satan (through the flesh) James 1:13

  • How do we resist temptation?

    • Pray

      • We must be awake and alert. Luke 22:46
        Players on sports teams keep their eye on the ball. They are ready, prepared, and watching everything around them: the enemy, their team, the goal.

    • Study

      • Jesus resisted Satan through the Word of God. Matt 4

      • Temptation often comes as a lie in disguise. The truth reveals lies. Satan misused scripture to tempt Jesus. Jesus knew all the truth as revealed the lie.

    • Activity: Prepare a flat cardboard piece labeled the Word of Truth. Ball up some socks. Have one student try to cross the room while the others throw the socks at him/her. Then give the student the cardboard to use as a shield. Have each student try. Then discuss how much easier it is to navigate temptation with the Word of God on our side. But we won't have it to use unless we study it.

  • Can we always resist temptation?

    • Yes     1Cor.10:13

      • God always provides the opportunity and tools necessary to do what is right.

      • Jesus can deliver us from temptation 2 Pet. 2:9

        • You aren't alone    Heb 2:18

        • Jesus endured everything we do    Heb. 4:15

      • Resist Satan and he will flee from you  James 4:7

    • Activity: Pass out cards that say "Away from me, Satan!" Have students practice saying this as a group. Discuss situations when this thought is appropriate. Have students identify now how they will handle the temptations they mentioned at the beginning of the class. What other sayings or strategies could they use? (Be very specific).

Activity: the hardboiled heart. Have one hard-boiled egg and one uncooked egg. Have students try to spin both of them. It is much easier to spin the hard-boiled egg. Discuss how Satan can spin a hard-boiled (hardened) heart, but can't spin a softer heart.

True or False

  1. God tempts people.                   F

  2. God will help you endure temptation.             T

  3. Some temptation are too strong for us.          F

  4. We can make Satan run from us.                   T

  5. Our best defense is to know the truth.          T

  6. Jesus can't understand what temptation is like.          F

Memory Work:

James 1:14 Each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. RSV

2 Peter 2:8-9 The Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations and to reserve the unjust under punishment for the day of judgment. NKJV