Jesus is Tempted (part 1)

To Remember: Satan tried to get Jesus to sin, but failed. Satan will tempt us, but we can overcome him
  • Tempt: to deceive or lure someone into doing wrong
  • Sin: to break God’s law
  • Fasting: to go without food
Lesson - Read Luke 4:1-4
Who is Satan? The devil, the enemy of God and man who tries to make man sin through temptation and lies. The Bible calls him the father of lies. He tried to make Jesus sin.

How did he tempt Jesus? Jesus was fasting for 40 days and nights. He was alone and hungry. He told Jesus to turn the stones around Him into bread. Satan wanted him to use his power selfishly rather than for good. Jesus knew that He was given power to spread God’s word, not to feed Himself. He answered Satan, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.’”
: Be careful little eyes
Where was it written? Jesus quoted the law of God to answer Satan. He didn’t have to make up a reason, because He knew the Bible said that God’s word was more important than physical needs. Remember that Jesus studied God’s word as a child? You can defeat Satan’s attempts to make you sin by remembering what God said, and simply obeying it.

Can we turn stones to bread?  No, but we can put our wants and needs before God’s will. Satan will use the things we want most to tempt us with, but God will always provide a way for us to beat the devil. God is more powerful than Satan, and can prevent him from harming us. At judgment, God will punish Satan and everyone who follows after him.
True or False
  1. Jesus was able to overcome temptation easier than we could. F
  2. Satan is a story character, he isn’t real. F
  3. Jesus answered Satan with scripture. T
  4. It is a sin to eat bread. F
  5. We can resist Satan just like Jesus. T
  6. Satan wants us to do what’s right. F
  7. God is going to punish Satan and his followers at Judgment. T
SING: The wise man built his house upon the rock
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