Parables: The Rich Fool

To Remember: We must prepare for our souls as well as our bodies

  • judgment - to decide; at judgment day, God will decide if we have obeyed His will
Lesson Luke 12:16-21

: count your blessings, or God is so Good

Activity: Have students make a list of things that will still exist after judgment day. Discuss how much more important these things are to attend to and ways we can prepare ourselves.

Craft: Build barns or silos from construction paper or boxes and cardboard tubes. Fill the barns and silos with blessings written on pieces of paper.

Worksheet: Take home sheet for Rich Fool (.pdf)
Life of Jesus Bingo
True or False
  1. The man in the story was focused on himself. T
  2. God wants us to focus on worldly things. F
  3. Our soul is more important even than our food. T
  4. The man was thankful to God for his many blessings. F
  5. If we focus on God’s things, he’ll provide us what we need. T
Review Questions (can be used with gameboard)

 linguistic questions
  1. Count how many times the fool says "I" or "my" in the story.
  2. Define gratefulness.
  3. Define priority.
  activity questions
  1. Act out the man planning what to build.
  2. Draw the bigger barns.
  3. Draw something we are thankful for.
  emotion questions
  1. How do you think God felt about the man’s ungratefulness?
  2. How did the man feel when he saw how prosperous he was?
  3. How should we feel when we are blessed?
application questions
  1. What is most important to me?
  2. What do I spend the most time and energy on?
  3. Who should I thank for each and every blessing I receive?
fact questions
  1. Was it wrong for the man to plan for the future?
  2. Why did the man need bigger barns?
  3. What things should the man have planned for?
review questions
  1. What sins was the rich fool guilty of?
  2. What attitudes should he have displayed?
  3. How can we become more thankful people?
Memory Work
  • James 1:17a "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights"
Memory Work
Prepare a large barn with lots of windows. Cut out the windows, but leave the flap attached on one side. Write the words to the memory verse behind the window flaps. Close the flaps one by one until the students know the verse.