Solomon's Last Days

To Remember: We can all be influenced by those around us

Lesson     1 Kings 10-11
  • Solomon was famous world-wide for his wealth, power and wisdom. So famous, a Queen from Sheba came to hear him answer questions that had stumped all others. 1 Kings 10:1,3
  • She was incredibly impressed, and acknowledged that God was the source of Solomon's glory. 10:6,7,9
  • But even the wisest man on earth could be drawn away from God. For Solomon, the influence of his wives was enough to draw him away.
    •    11:1,2,4 Solomon loved his foreign wives enough to break two of God's laws: not to marry foreigners and to have more than one wife.
  • Solomon's wives worshipped idols. At first Solomon was careful to separate these wives from God's service. But as his wives begged and he gave in, one by one he supported them in their worship until he was worshipping idols himself. 11:8
    • Discussion Point: Solomon fell into this sin slowly and reluctantly at first. He may even have never "believed" in the idols, but worshipped them to please his wives. Even the wisest man on earth was influenced by those closest to him. What does this tell us about the friends and spouses we choose?
  • God was angry. Remember God's promise depended on Solomon obeying God's commandments. 11:9
  • God fulfilled his part. He would take away the kingdom, but not until Solomon's reign was over, for the sake of David. 11:12,13
    • Discussion Point: Solomon's sins caused the kingdom to be torn apart. David's influence kept it from destroying the country utterly. Both kings had a great influence on Israel - one for good the other bad. We, too, can have influence. What kinds?
Sing: Wise man built his house

Activity: Describe what we should look for in a spouse.

Worksheet: Ecclesiastes Fill-In-The-Blank

True or False

  1. The rumors the Queen of Sheba heard about Solomon were wrong. F
  2. Solomon could answer any question. T
  3. The Queen of Sheba credited Solomon for his riches. F
  4. Solomon began to worship idols all at once. F
  5. God overlooked Solomon's disobedience. F
Review Questions for gameboard

 linguistic questions
  1. What books did Solomon write?
  2. What book tells us of him?
  3. Define wisdom.
  activity questions
  1. Draw Solomon's palace.
  2. Find Jerusalem on a map.
  3. Act out Sheba's praise.
  emotion questions
  1. How did Sheba feel when she saw Solomon's glory?
  2. What tempted Solomon?
  3. How did God feel when Solomon began worshipping idols?
application questions
  1. Do our friends influence us?
  2. Can our sins influence others?
  3. Can we ever be so good that we can't be tempted?
fact questions
  1. What impressed Sheba?
  2. How did Solomon start to sin?
  3. What resulted from his sin?
review questions
  1. What had God promised Solomon?
  2. What influenced Solomon to sin?
  3. What impact did it have on Israel?