David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem

To Remember: David seeks ways to please God
Lesson     2 Samuel 6-9

Lesson Text:
Soon David made his plans to bring the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. Taking 3,000 of Israel’s best man, he had the ark set on a new cart and brought down from Abinadad’s house where it had been for twenty years.
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  • David returns ark to Jerusalem 2 Sam. 6:2
    • Carried on cart, not on poles Exodus 25:14
    • Uzzah struck dead 2 Sam. 6:7
    • David left ark with Obed-edom 3 months
    • brought ark to Jerusalem correctly 2 Sam. 6:15
    • Discussion Point: good intentions does not equal obedience. Also, while the laws in Exodus were 400 years old at David's time, they were still in force. God's laws are still in force today.
  • David wants to build God a house 2 Sam. 7:1-2
    • God said Solomon would build it.
    • David prepared plans and material
      • Discussion point: Just because an idea is a good one, doesn't mean God might have other plans. Also, David did not sulk about his rejection, but rather did what he could to make the job easier for his son.
    • God promises that David’s family will reign forever 2 Sam. 7:13,16
      • Still true today through Christ.
  • David fights off the enemies of Israel 2 Sam. 8:14b,15
  • David showed kindness to Mephibosheth
    • Kept his promise to Jonathon by taking care of his son 2 Sam. 9:7
  • Graphic: Pictures and Description of the Ark

    Activity: Add to the good and bad points David on his chart. David seeks ways to please God, he repents and obeys, he is kind and remembers his friends. On bad side, he neglects to obey the law to the letter, he forgets to check with God first about the temple.
    Craft: Have students draw a picture of David in his house (or color a similar picture). On another page, draw and cut open doors. Paste the door frame onto the first page. Let students decorate the doors as well.

    Memory Work:
    2 Sam 7:16 "Your family shall rule my kingdom forever."

    2 Sam 7:9-10 "I have been with you wherever you have gone and have destroyed your enemies. And I will make your name greater yet, so that you will be one of the most famous men in the world!"
    True or False
    1. Uzzah broke God’s law. T
    2. David thought of work he could do for God. T
    3. David built a temple for God. F
    4. God promised to keep David’s family as kings. T
    5. David hunted down Saul’s family to kill them. F
    Review Questions for gameboard

     linguistic questions
    1. Recite the memory verse.
    2. What book is the lesson in?
    3. What is a temple?
      activity questions
    1. Draw a picture of the ark.
    2. Act out Uzzah.
    3. Lead a parade into Jerusalem.
      emotion questions
    1. How did David feel when he was told he couldn’t build the temple?
    2. How did he feel when Uzzah died?
    3. How did he feel when he received God’s promise?
    application questions
    1. Can we mean well, but still do it wrong?
    2. Can we always know God’s plans for us?
    3. How can we search for good works to do?
    fact questions
    1. Who was allowed to touch the ark?
    2. Who would build the temple?
    3. Who did David take care of?
    review questions
    1. Did God expect his old rules to be followed?
    2. How did David fulfill his promise to Jonathon?
    3. How did David prepare for the temple?