Main Points to Remember
  1. A spouse that serves God is a great blessing and worth searching for.

: a large container for liquids

Father, please help us choose our mates wisely

Genesis 24

Play a quick game of Pictionary (click for instructions) from the objects in the lesson. For example: camel, pitcher, bracelet, well, wedding, water, daughter, Isaac, servant, Canaan.

n: Why did the servant choose the sign of drawing water for camels? Only a kind, humble, polite and generous person would freely offer to draw water for ten camels as well as for their owner. The servant chose a behavior that reflected good qualities in a person. He wanted a kind, humble, polite and generous wife for Isaac. Jesus said you can tell a good tree by its fruit - and you can tell a good person by their behavior. How good is our fruit today? Would the servant have picked you?

I've got the joy

: Add Rebekah and Laban to the family tree. Have the students use generic paper people (like Bible Friends) to illustrate the lesson. Name them and post them on a board, using yarn or dots to connect the family lines. A great source for OT family tree information is:

  1. Abraham went to find a wife for his son.   F (he sent his servant)
  2. It wasn't important who Isaac's wife worshipped.  F (she needed to worship God)
  3. The servant prayed for a confirming sign from God.   T
  4. Drawing water for and inviting strangers home was a sign of hospitality.   T (in fact, it was extremely rude not to)
  5. Rebekah took a long time to decide whether or not to go.   F
Memory Work
  • Genesis 24:51 Behold, Rebekah is before thee, take her, and go, and let her be your master's son's wife, as the LORD has spoken.
Review Questions (can be used with gameboard)

 linguistic questions
  1. What is a spouse? A husband or wife
  2. Unscramble this word:    ramry
  3. Fill in the blank: "Drink, and I will give your ___________ drink also"
  activity questions
  1. Draw a well.
  2. Act out the servant meeting Rebekah.
  3. Find Rebekah's home on a map.
  emotion questions
  1. What did Abraham desire for his son? He wanted him to have a good, faithful spouse
  2. What did the servant want? He wanted to choose the right person for his master
  3. What did Rebekah show to the servant? kindness, generosity, hospitality
application questions
  1. What things should we require of a spouse?    faith in God, kindness, unselfishness, generosity
  2. What will make us a good spouse in the future? we must develop good behavior and attitudes now
  3. Why do our parents make us behave? to make us into good people
fact questions
  1. What sign did the servant ask for? that the girl would offer him and his camels water
  2. What did the servant give Rebekah? bracelets and a ring
  3. Who was Rebekah's brother? Laban
review questions
  1. Why did Abraham send the servant so far away? he wanted Isaac's wife to worship God, like his family there did
  2. Why did the servant ask God for a sign of kindness? because the person who is kind makes a good spouse
  3. Why was it unusual for Rebekah to leave so soon? because it meant leaving her family forever, at very short notice.