Isaac Blesses Jacob

Main Points to Remember
  1. Jacob and Rebekah deceived Isaac and Esau, but God knew before they were born   
blessing:  blessing is a sign of special favor that is intended to result in prosperity and success (Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology)
Prayer: Father, we know your promises will be fulfilled without lies or deceit on our part.

Genesis 27

: Bring two paper plates and a brass fastener for each student. Have students draw Isaac on one half of one plate. Cut the other half off. On the second plate, draw Jacob (facing Isaac when stacked) on one half, and Esau facing Isaac on the other half. (Jacob and Esau will be facing different directions). If you want, bring fake fur to attach to Jacob, etc.
Object Lesson: (Bring in some fake (or real) animal skin). Wrap the fur around an object that normally doesn't have fur. Blindfold a student and have them try to figure out what it is. Have all the students see how it's harder when you're blind to understand the deception. Discuss how Satan disguises evil to seem like good, just like Jacob disguised himself to feel like Esau. We must not be "blind" like Isaac to the evil beneath. We must be "clever as serpents" when it comes to identifying Satan and his ruses. Matthew 10:16. We do this by studying God's word and identifying deception in the world around us. In what was does the world try to disguise evil as good?
  1. it's not your fault: homosexuality is not a choice - it's genetic, if he didn't make me angry I wouldn't strike out at him
  2. evil is really good: white lies keep you from hurting other people's feelings, I'll be like God if I eat the forbidden fruit
  3. justification: if everyone else is cheating, I won't be graded fairly; that company cheats it's customers, so I can steal from it.
  4. denial: nothing bad will happen if I do it just this once, I couldn't help it
Activity: Review the family tree. Have the students use generic paper people (like Bible Friends) to illustrate the lesson. Name them and post them on a board, using yarn or dots to connect the family lines.

  1. God had told Rebekah that Esau would serve Jacob.   T
  2. God needed Rebekah's help in fulfilling the prophecy.  F
  3. Isaac was suspicious of Jacob's identity.    T
  4. Esau did not value the blessing.   F
  5. Isaac took back the blessing he gave to Jacob.  F
Memory Work
  • Heb. 11:20 By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau concerning things to come.
Review Questions (can be used with gameboard)

 linguistic questions
  1. What is a blessing? a sign of favor intended to prosper the recipient
  2. Unscramble this word_________  singlebs
  3. Fill in the blanks: "By faith Isaac ____________ Jacob and Esau concerning things to come."

  activity questions
  1. Draw a quick picture of a hairy man.
  2. Act out Esau discovering Jacob's deceit.
  3. Blindfold a student. Have another unnamed student reach out their hand. See if the blindfolded student can identify whose hand is out.
  emotion questions
  1. How did Jacob feel about Rebekah's plan? he was nervous that he'd get caught.
  2. How did Esau feel about Jacob's deception? he was angry to the point of violence
  3. How did Isaac feel about Jacob's deception? he was saddened and angry

application questions
  1. Was Rebekah forced to deceive Isaac in order to make God's prophecy come true? (no - God's promises are fulfilled no matter what man does)
  2. Should we deceive others, even if we think we deserve what we're lying for? no - if we will get it, God will provide a way
  3. When others take what is ours, are we justified in taking revenge? no
fact questions
  1. How did Jacob deceive Isaac? by wearing Esau's clothes, and wearing animal fur on his hands and neck.
  2. What two things did Jacob take from Esau? his birthright and his blessing
  3. What did Isaac ask Esau to prepare? game (wild animal meat)

review questions
  1. Why couldn't Isaac take back the blessing? The blessing was part prophecy, and prophecies are true.
  2. What did Isaac give as Esau's blessing? that he would live off the earth and that he would break free of his brother's rule
  3. Why did Jacob run away? Esau was angry to the point of killing his brother.