The Ten Commandments

To Remember: God's laws tell us how to treat Him and each other

  • Commandment: a rule, law, or order
  • Lesson - Exodus 20; Deuteronomy 5:6-21

    Have students make booklets of the ten commandments. On each page have students draw a picture relating to the commandment.

    Discussion point:
    Law is given to us to help us please God. We only know what makes Him happy when He tells us. Laws help us know that we are doing what is right.

    Sing: The Perfect Ten

    Activity: Toward God or man?: Post a sign with the word God on one wall, Man on another. Have students stand between them. List the commandments at random. If the commandment addresses how we should treat God, have the students stand near that sign. If it is how we should treat man, have them go to that sign.

    True or False 1. God's law are good for everybody.         T
    2. God wasn't very clear about what He approved of.         F
    3. God cares about how we treat others.             T
    4. We can treat God any way we want.              F
    5. We owe God our respect and affection.           T

    Moses bingo and concentration game printable Memory Work:

    Deut. 5:33a "You will walk in the way the Lord your God commanded, that you may live."
    Review Questions for gameboard

     linguistic questions
    1. What does commandment mean?   A command is a rule, a law, something we must do
    2. What is worship?  To show honor and reverence to someone greater than ourselves
    3. What is an idol?  An object which pretends to be a god, or stands in place of a supposed god, and is worshipped as such

      activity questions
    1. Act out honoring your parents.
    2. Quickly put together a small puzzle.
    3. Recite as many commandments as you can remember.

      emotion questions
    1. Were the people happy or sad to receive a law?
    2. How do you feel about rules?
    3. How would you feel if you didn't know the rules?

    application questions
    1. What things do we sometimes put before God?
    2. Can we "bear false witness" by keeping silent? If we deceive through silence, by leaving a false impression
    3. Why is it wrong to misuse God's name?
    4. How can we honor our parents? be respectful, praise them, obey their rules

    fact questions
    1. How many times did Moses bring the tablets with the law on them down from the mountain? 2
    2. How many laws addressed how we are to treat God?
    3. What nation were the commandments given to? Israel

    review questions
    1. How did this law make the Israelites special? they had a covenant, an agreement with God, that no other nation had
    2. Where did the Israelites receive the law? Mt. Sinai
    3. Who was known as the law-giver? Moses