Nadab and Abihu / Miriam Rebels

To Remember: We are to obey God's laws exactly

  • Incense: a mixture that gives off a nice-smelling smoke when burned
  • Holy: set apart, special, dedicated to God
Leviticus 10:1-11
Discussion points: God had said, "By those who come near me I will be regarded as holy; and before all the people I must be glorified." Discuss how Nadab and Abihu had failed to regard God as holy. How should they have glorified Him before the people? How do people today fail to treat or regard God as holy?
Learning from the Word
How do we know how to please God and treat Him as holy? We study his word. Use this activity to teach kids how we learn about God.
Worksheet: Common or Holy?

Sing: Be careful, little eyes, what you see
Memory Work:
Lev. 10:10 You must tell the difference between holy and common.
Lesson    Numbers 1:9-12 

Moses bingo and concentration game printable
Brothers and sisters often have a difficult time rejoicing in each others talents, especially if one is much more successful in an endeavor than another. In this passage, we have a very special family. Discuss the special role each child played in God's plan. Each one of them were blessed greatly. but apparently Miriam was jealous of Moses' special position. She didn't understand that God put Moses in a special place, it wasn't the people who made him special.

Discussion points:

Are we ever jealous? It is easy to see others succeed and wish we were successful too? How do we deal with jealousy? There are several things we can do to avoid being upset when someone else is doing well.

1) We can try to feel the joy that person is feeling - pretend to be them.
2) We can think about the gifts God has given us, times when He has helped us do well. Thanksgiving keeps us from falling into the trap of self-pity.
3) We can think about the struggles that person overcame to achieve their goal - not all successes come easy.
4) We can pray to God about how we feel. Sometimes just sharing with him helps us deal with the hurt.
5) We can counter each bad thought with a good one. If you find yourself thinking mean things, make yourself think a nice thoughts about the person, list what you like about them.
6) Finally, Jesus taught us to love everyone. The quickest way to start thinking good about someone is to think of things you can do to help them. Soon you won't be thinking mean about them.

  • For older students - discuss how Aaron seems to be very easy to influence. Although he was the High Priest to God himself, Miriam was able to incite him against his own brother. Earlier the people convinced Aaron to make the golden calf while Moses was on Mt. Sinai. Discuss the dangers of letting others think for you. Remember the old adage, "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."
Activity: Thankfulness
Remind students that all blessings are from God. Whenever we think of something we don’t have that we want, we should name two specific things God has already blessed us with. Have students name off several things God has provided for them. Write them down on a posterboard, small pieces of paper or a regular size sheet. Practice a couple rounds - have students name something they want, then have them think of (at least) two things God has already provided. Lead a prayer to thank God for all these things.
True or False
  1. God did not tell Nadab and Abihu what kind of fire He wanted.               F
  2. We can choose how we want to glorify God.                        F
  3. Miriam was jealous of Moses' position.                          T
  4. Aaron defended Moses to the congregation.               F
  5. Moses wanted his sister punished.                       F
  6. Moses was able to forgive his siblings.              T
Review Questions for gameboard

 linguistic questions

  1. Name three blessings God had given the Israelites.
  2. Recite the memory verse (or first five books of Bible).
  3. What does holy mean?
  activity questions

  1. Act out a whining Israelite complaining about the manna.
  2. Draw a quail.
  3. Put together a puzzle.
  emotion questions

  1. How did Moses feel when the Israelites complained?
  2. How did God feel when Nadab and Abihu sinned?
  3. How did the Israelites feel when God punished their complaining?
application questions

  1. Name three blessings God has given you.
  2. How do we know what is holy or common?
  3. How do we show our appreciation for what God has done?
fact questions

  1. What did Nadab and Abihu do wrong?
  2. Why did God punish them?
  3. What did the Israelites complain about?
review questions

  1. How did God punish their ungratefulness?
  2. How many men did Moses appoint as leaders?
  3. What two kinds of food did God provide?