Books of the Bible Bingo
Books of the Bible Bingo setsBooks of the Bible Bingo cards. This FREE printable includes instructions, call cards, and 12 Bingo cards to practice the books of the Bible. Using visual cue cards, rather than just calling out the name of the book, helps younger students, who can match the image, even if they cannot read yet. These Bingo cards use the same images as the Flash Cards, to maintain consistency.

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Each set includes twelve Bingo cards, plus a call sheet. Laser printed in color on white card stock. Cut to approximately 8.5"x5.5".
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Color Adobe PDF files for printing onto card stock or paper, and cut into two sheets. Twelve Bingo cards, plus a call sheet and instructions. Suitable for lamination.   Order them laminated for durability.

Also available, Bingo chips!

books of the bible flash cardsGame Instructions

Print out and cut apart the Books of the Bible Bingo Cards (laminate for durability). Print out 1 set of Books of the Bible Flash Cards, or print page 8 (Call Sheet). Give each child a different Bingo card. Mix the flash cards (or call cards) in a bag and draw out one at a time (this gives students a visual as well as verbal cue). Students use tokens to mark the book if they have it in their card. If laminated, students can use stickers or dry erase markers. The first student to mark four in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally calls BINGO! Also try Bible Bingo Interactive, a game for teams.


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Bible Bingo Interactive
A Bingo game for groups by a fellow teacher.